There are 2 requirements for this project. The first requirement is the completion of your Adopt an Element research. The second requirement is the completion of a Project that displays your research. Today you will be using your time to research your assigned element. In the space below you will find a list of helpful websites along with a description of what information that site can provide. Simply click on these different links to begin researching your element. (You are not limited to these websites but I suggest you focus your search here) Make sure that as you are researching your element you are also recording your information on your Adopt an Element Research Sheet. The information on this sheet is what you will need to have in order to create your final project so make sure that it is completed in its entirety. Good luck and have fun investigating your elements! : A good site for quick descriptions of your element.  Also lists many uses of the element with links to more information. : Basic information about the elements and their uses as well as information about how they were discovered and when.  Also has information on the origin of the element's name and symbol. : Information about the first 36 elements only. : Site with basic information including melting and boiling points. Also has information on chemical properties, health effects, and environmental effects. Most include a picture of the element. : Links for essential data incuding group name, history, uses, properties and much more. : Good site for basic information including group name, phase, element classification, history, uses, and name origin. : Provides information about element's cost, uses, appearance, and interesting facts.